Shopware 6 - Source path "platform" is not found for package shopware/platform

July 31, 2020 - 1 min read

When running composer install on a freshly cloned Shopware 6 installation, you might run into this warning:

Source path “platform” is not found for package shopware/platform

Aside from the Shopware 6 project you cloned, you’ll also need the Shopware 6 Platform itself (the core, so to say).

You have two choices here, if you want to develop on the core or on a plugin, do this;

Clone the repository into your project by running git clone https://github.com/shopware/platform.git platform in your project root. Run composer install again and you should be good to go - it will create a symlink from platform to vendor/shopware/platform.

If you are developing a webshop, it is probabaly easier to remove this part from composer.json;

            "type": "path",
            "url": "platform",
            "options": {
                "symlink": true

If you do this, the composer autoloader will find the vendor/shopware/platform directory and will autoload it for you automatically.

Kyle Mathews

Written by Peter Jaap Blaakmeer @PeterJaap